Free Content process audit

Expressible is offering a free content distribution process audit.

Like many we see in the industry, you are wasting a lot of your time with your omnichannel content distribution process.

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In today’s marketing world it is imperative to share your content on the website, send out an email newsletter to subscribers, share content on LinkedIn, twitter, facebook and even Instagram. There are even certain segments of content or a campaign that perform better on the different outlet and those need to be tested and targeted.

Create, Distribute Analyze

In some, cases we have tracked where enterprise companies are wasting well over $1,000,000 a year.

With the free process audit, the Expressible team will look at your entire content distribution process. We spend time talking to your content creation, creative, distribution and analytics teams to find gaps in distribution efficiency, and identify where and how content can perform better.

What is involved?

We are able to go through this process in 3 steps.

Step 1: An initial call to discuss and review your content distribution process. We will walk with you through your distribution process using our industry-tested questionnaire. Here we gather information that we can examine and dive deeper into during step 2. We provide the questionnaire to you so you can work along with us in step 2.

Step 2: A deeper scoping call to dive into specific time frames of processes, review and go through your distribution process in greater detail. We work wit you through our proven flow chart to uncover the time and cost associated with items like:

  • Repeating tasks to make minor changes.
  • Templating process
  • Formatting process
  • Creation process
  • Scheduling distribution
  • Cost of producing content for each channel
  • Cost of distributing content across all channels
  • Total platforms being used
  • Developing a content ROI model

Step 3: Provide a full write up of where and how processes can be improved, where we see gaps in the distribution and creation process and where conversion and engagement processes and metrics can and will be improved.

This way you can use that extra time for better things like this:


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